The Machine is a field guide for the executive who’s prepared to wrestle sales away from autonomous field-based artisans in favor of a tightly synchronized team of specialists. Readers will embrace The Machine either to exploit the new sales order or to avoid falling victim to it.

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Here’s What Others Have To Say About The Machine:

  • "We doubled our top-line revenue in the year following our implementation of The Machine and are applying these same concepts to an international company we just acquired and seeing the same sort of gains in effectiveness."

    Aubrey Meador, President of ARCA
  • "The pioneering work of Justin Roff-Marsh in the design of effective sales 'machines' is, in my view, world leading. Organizations who ignore it in the connected, globally competitive twenty-first century do so at their peril."

    John Lyons, independent company director and coauthor of Marketing without Money
  • "There's no reason for the sales department to be the least predictable and most chaotic part of a company. The Machine offers a proven system for growing sales in an organized, consistent way."

    Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy
  • "In his provocative book, The Machine, Justin Roff-Marsh has thoughtfully and forcefully challenged the status quo as it pertains to the design of the sales function. Some readers will be angry, some dismissive, and a select few will be enlightened by this alternative approach."

    Mike Schleyhahn, President of Swagelok San Diego
  • "The Machine will challenge everything you know about the sales process! It makes a lot of sense, passes all logical tests, and in the end, might just keep you awake at night. I can attest that the ideas are valid and the payoffs real."

    Jeff Stuart, President of Hydra-Power Systems Inc.
  • "Justin's approach to addressing the tired structure of sales environments is nothing short of revolutionary. The Machine shows how to drive growth with a tightly synchronized machine, as an alternative to herding individual salespeople."

    Paul O'Dwyer, author and business growth coach
  • "Justin's book is a delight. Justin translates the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts to sales, demonstrating that there is a substantially better way to sell."

    Humberto R. Baptista, CEO of Vectis-Solutions and lecturer at TOC Schools
  • "As an operations guy, I'm driven by process, efficiency, and repeatability. The notion that the sales function is an art immune from the rigors of process has never sat well with me. The Machine shatters that myth."

    Marc Allman, COO of AMS Controls
  • "Justin Roff-Marsh gets to the root causes of underperforming sales quickly and succinctly. It is clear he knows sales inside and out and has thought deeply about the profession's problems. The book is both global in its implications for sales and practical in its applications for selling."

    Charles Coury, President of 9Wood
  • "We have worked with Justin and his team for the past seven months and I am continually impressed with the team's professionalism and knowledge."

    Jim O'Connell, President of Hotsy Pacific

Justin Roff-Marsh: Trailblazing Speaker, Revolutionary Management Consultant… Growth Addict

Justin leaves his audiences challenged, excited, and energized. By debunking myths, slaying sacred cows, and applying logical rigor to his arguments, he empowers you to liberate yourself from the management-speak and baseless conventional wisdom that hold too much sway in today’s bruising business environment.

When he introduces you to Sales Process Engineering, you become acquainted with a radical and proven strategy for scaling your business and growing your revenue. No fluff, no nonsense, just a revolutionary process that will transform your sales team’s performance and change the way you think about your business — forever. They don’t call Justin a growth addict for nothing.

Justin’s background

Justin Roff Marsh is the Founder of Ballistix, a sales management and marketing consultancy, specializing in the implementation and ongoing support of Sales Process Engineering (SPE). Sales Process Engineering is a radical approach to the resourcing and management of the sales process. This approach enables organizations to a build high-throughput sales process, where salespeople focus exclusively on the conduct of appointments and delegate all non-critical tasks to the sales support function.

Justin is also author of the definitive guide to Sales Process Engineering, The Machine: A Radical Approach To The Design of The Sales Function and editor of the popular Sales Process Engineering blog read by tens of thousands of people the world over. He has been guest speaker at scores of industry events, conferences and association meetings. His controversial methodology and outspoken views have featured in lively interviews and made great feature article content for numerous business podcasts and publications. Justin has facilitated Solution Design Workshops to hundreds of companies in scores of industries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Justin’s views are rarely comforting and often controversial. If you are looking for sales training or more of the warm and fuzzy relationship-building workshops that have been driving mediocrity since the 1990s, don’t speak to this guy. If you want to be affirmed that the approach you are taking now is eventually going to deliver the sales results you’ve been hoping for, you won’t get it from Justin either. If you want a provocative thought-leader who is going to change the way you look at your business, while also giving you a proven strategy to scale your business and grow your revenue, then is definitely the guy for you.

Methodology, Controversy, Intensity... Results

Find out why Justin has earned the reputation. 
Turn your business world upside down. Book Justin today!

For more details on Justin’s keynote presentations please contact us.

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View Justin’s past speaking engagements

Justin Roff-Marsh offers keynote presentations, full- and half-day workshops, and seminars to C-level executives, managers, and business owners across the United States and around the world. He is as effective and high-impact in delivering his free-flowing presentations from the podium as he is in an interactive seminar setting.

Participant Reactions

  • Refreshing, valuable, relevant, enjoyable…

    Sergio Alderuccio, Managing Director, Franchise Developments
  • Thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile.

    Sue Wise, Interntional Sales and Product Manager Softlink International
  • Justin’s presentation was of the highest standard: extremely informative and comprehensive. It sharpened our vision.

    Jenny Wells, Citimark
  • We were all enthralled by Justin’s presentation.

    Anna Ginters and Alana Sills, Applied Market Technologies
  • Feedback from participants: 97% say the presentation ‘met or exceeded expectations.’ Justin’s passion was evident.

    Frank Green, Senior State Development Officer, State Development Centre Southside

Past Speaking Engagements

The Machine Poland

Justin headlined a special sales conference for industry leaders in Poland. Justin presented the key concepts from his book, The Machine, and his popular one-day workshop, Prescription for Growth.

Distribution Summit - D19

The Distribution Summit is the only event series of its kind. D19 is the industry’s premier opportunity for distributors, builders, and suppliers to connect and learn. Justin presented his hugely popular Death of the Field Sales keynote presentation.

ICAN 2018

The ICAN Institute is in partnership with the Harvard Business Review (Poland). Justin is headlining ICAN's 2018 flagship sales conference. It is expected 200 plus business owners and executives will attend the 2018 conference.

SpeakInc MCAA keynote speech 2018

Justin has been invited to speak to 250 plus industry executives in process controls and automation. Justin will be debunking popular sales myths and outlining an alternative approach to scaling sales and growing revenue.

Solidworks VAR Conference 2017

Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp. is a mult-billion dollar global company that offers the world's most popular 3D modelling software tools. Justin presented his contrarian approach to sales to hundreds of VARs at the 2017 annual conference.

Austin Texas EO Group 2017

Justin delivered an hour long presentation to members of the Austin Texas Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) chapter to excellent reviews and referrals to other chapters.


Justin was invited to present his popular webinar, "Death of Field Sales" to global members of the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO).

Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD)

AHTD works with automation and high-tech solution providers and manufacturers to increase productivity and marketshare. Justin was invited to deliver the keynote presentation at it's fall 2017 member conference.

Inbound 2016

More than 14,000 delegates from all around the world attended Inbound 2015. Justin was invited to speak at the Inbound 2016 event on one of his favorite topics, "The Death of Field Sales".

Swagelok International Annual Conference

Swagelok is a $1.8 billion, privately-held company that designs, manufactures, and delivers an expanding range of the highest quality fluid system products. Justin was invited as the keynote speaker for the 2014 Japan, Europe and North America annual

Ballistix House Events

Justin presents regular Ballistix house events, including our half-day Executive Roundtables (public and in-house), Lunch and Learn events and Prescription for Growth Workshops in Australia and the US.

TOCICO: Annual Conferences

Justin regurlary presents keynote presentations at TOCICO conferences throughout the US, South America and Australia.


Justin is an approved Vistage Speaker. He regularly runs workshops and presentations for Vistage chairs throughout the US and Australia.

FIG Program

He also lectured on a similar, government-funded program, designed to stimulate the growth of technology-based start-ups.

Results Corporation Marketing Bootcamp

Results Corporation Australia ran numerous 4-day marketing ‘bootcamps’ for the owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses. Justin Roff-Marsh co-presented these bootcamps, along with Chris Newton (Results Corporation’s CEO).

National Hospitality Association

Justin has delivered a keynote presentation at the annual conference of the National Hospitality Association.


Amcon is the leading American Expo for contract manufactures. Justin delivered the keynote presentation at the June 2009 Minneapolis Expo and received the highest rating of any speaker to present. He has been invited to speak at future Amcon events.

Torrance chamber of Commerce Event

Justin delivered an hour long presentation to members of the Torrance area chamber of commerce to rave reviews. He was voted one of the most popular presenters of recent times.

Continuous Process Improvement Symposium

The CPI Symposium brings together experts in fields such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and service fields to show case the latest developments in TOC, Six Sigma and Lean. Justin is regularly invited to attend as a keynote speaker.

Startup Accelerator, San Francisco

Justin delivered a keynote presentation for a select group of tech innovators and entrepreneurs.

The CEO Syndicate Program

Justin regularly presents for the CEO Syndicate Program. His surveyed Member feedback is 9.6 for relevancy of topic and 9.0 for presentation skills. This is one of the highest ratings for any speaker.

Constraints Management Group (CMG): Annual User Conference

CMG is a management consultancy; specializing in TOC (the world’s largest). Justin delivered a keynote presentation at this event in Chicago (2007) as well as a half day break-out session. He is returning to present a full-day workshop at the 2008 event.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Justin presents numerous workshops for for EO Chair’s throughout the USA and Australia.

Queensland Enterprise Workshop

QEW is an executive education program. Justin lectured on this program (marketing)for four consecutive years.

Queensland State Development Corporation

For many years, Justin was the highest-rated speaker on QSDC’s lecture circuit — regularly presenting to audiences of 200-400.

Queensland University of Technology

Justin has been a guest lecturer on a number of occasions at QUT (various marketing subjects). Additionally, each year, he is one of a number of judges on the business school’s John Heine Entrepreneurial Challenge.

Bendigo Bank

For two years running, Justin has been invited to be a special guest speaker at the annual in house conference for the Bendigo Bank area managers. Bendigo Bank is a retail bank with branches located all around Australia.


The EcSell Institute is an association for top level sales executives and sales managers. Justin delivered the keynote presentation at the July 2009 EcSell summit and hosted a workshop dinner.

Industry week Webinar

Justin hosted a webinar for 125 plus industry week readers. According to industry weeks independent survey, an amazing 91% of participants rated Justin’s presentation as “very informative” or “informative”. The very best webcasts are usually in the 80-85% range.

Highest Rated Keynote: "Reengineering the Sales Process"

Your Salespeople: four appointments a day; five days a week.

In his most-requested keynote presentation, Justin takes you on a journey: from the wasted energy and flawed logic of today’s typical outmoded sales function, to the 18th-century artisan’s workshop, onto the factory floor of a highly efficient manufacturer, through the myths and sacred cows that hold your revenue back, and all the way to the new sales process.

This is the exciting journey of Sales Process Engineering.

Justin exposes how sales processes have failed to keep up with progress in technology and production methods across the industrialized world, comparing the modern sales person with the typical artisan of the 18th Century. He then takes you through the catalog of myths and smokescreens that have allowed this to persist — even in today’s high-tech economy. When Justin presents, in plain English, how much potential revenue is squandered every hour of every day in organizations across the world, you’ll want to start revolutionizing your organization straight away. But wait, he’s only getting started.

Not only does Justin highlight with the utmost clarity how the sales process in most organizations is needlessly dysfunctional, he also equips you with a set of principles and a methodology that will transform your sales performance — and your revenue — within 12 months. In fact, most people start benefiting immediately.

Justin will cover the four principles that underpin the Sales Process Engineering methodology

Sales is a process like any other

The process requires division of labor

Salespeople must be empowered to do what they do best: sell

Sales and production must be tightly integrated

Ballistix: Sales Process Engineering

Justin Roff Marsh is founder and CEO of Ballistix, an international management consultancy specializing in Sales Process Engineering. Ballistix currently operates throughout the United States and Australia with plans for expansion into South America and Europe. Justin and his team of re-engineering consultants and communications specialists have worked with organizations across the world, from Fortune-100 level companies to SMEs.

To book Justin for your next event please complete the contact form and his EA will get back to you.

Prescription for Growth workshop

Justin regularly presents his Prescription for Growth one-day workshop throughout United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK. This workshop is a detailed exploration of the critical ideas presented in The Machine (Justin's award-winning book on sales). At this workshop Justin takes delegates through a step-by-step plan to fashion a plan for organizational growth.

popular vistage speaker

Justin Roff-Marsh is a popular Vistage speaker throughout United States, Canada and Australia. If your Vistage members are looking for growth, Justin will transform the way they think about sales… and deliver a thought-provoking talk that will keep them talking for years.


Slaying Sacred Cows

Sales forecasts: hocus-pocus with a dollar sign!

The emergence of cargo cults on some Pacific Islands after World War II is an amusing and oft-repeated story. The relatively primitive lifestyles of these islanders were interrupted by Japanese aircraft dropping large supplies of clothing, medicine,canned food and tents to support the Japanese war effort. Some of these supplies were shared with islanders, […]

Why commissions make selling optional!

You should know the optimal volume of appointments a salesperson should perform each week. You should also know the optimal amount of margin that will result (on average) from this activity. You should insist on the optimal in both cases.

Why salespeople should never perform telephone follow-up!

There should be two types of customer contact: sales appointments (or teleconferences) and scheduling calls. Salespeople should perform the first, sales coordinators the second. In the absense of this simple rule, you have no sales ‘process’.

Qualification: value adding or value destroying?

I’m always bemused by the exalted tone used by salespeople and management when discussing ‘qualification’. The presumption seems to be that this activity somehow adds tremendous value to the opportunity-management process. I suspect, in most cases, it does the opposite! […]

Client retention should not be salespeople’s responsibility!

Whose responsibility, I wonder, is client retention? Most organisations believe it’s the salesperson’s. Consequently, many salespeople spend a disproportionate amount of their time on account management. ‘Account management’ is a polite way of referring to a process that involves driving from client to client, drinking coffee and talking about the football. [..]

The fundamental difference between ‘product’ and ‘service’ providers: there isn’t one!

So many service providers treat it as a given: that their businesses are fundamentally different from those that sell physical products. On the surface, it seems an innocuous enough assumption.There must be an essential difference between the sales processes of firms that sell physical products and those that sell intangible services. When I’m asked if we’ve every applied our method to service providers (which we have, of course), I’ll always respond by questioning that very assumption? [..]

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The best way to learn more about Justin and his revolutionary methodology is by subscribing to Sales Process Engineering.

Justin in Media

Blunt talk about what’s wrong with sales, and how to fix it.

Launched in the UK in 1976, Business Traveller is a leading international business magazine. It currently publishes 10 editions worldwide. The Daily Telegraph voted businesstraveller.com one of the top 20 travel websites.


Announcing the 2016 Axiom Business Book Awards Results

GOLD WINNER: The Machine: A Radical Approach to the Design of the Sales Function, by Justin Roff-Marsh (Greenleaf Book Group)


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The Death of Field Sales – Expert’s Inside-Out Approach to the Design of the Sales Function

As field sales teams shrink, inside teams are growing. But not just growing. Exploding! Some are reporting a 300% year-on-year growth in U.S. inside-sales headcount. While this shift is exciting, inside sales teams have adopted a number of practices from the traditional sales model that would have been better off left in the field (or, better still, eliminated altogether).

January 25, 2016

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Sales Pros Who Receive Support Seal More Deals

“Sales is the responsibility of a centrally coordinated team,” said Roff-Marsh, president of sales management and marketing consultancy Ballistix.

January 22, 2016

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Soundview Executive Book Summaries

In The Machine, Justin Roff-Marsh shows readers how to follow the intrepid executives who have implemented his ideas over the last 15 years, building ridiculously efficient sales functions.

December 2015

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CEO Blog Nation: Teach A CEO

39 Business Tips & Lessons from the Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf.

March  2016

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3 Books Small Business Owners Should Read

The author, an entrepreneur and sales management expert (he prefers “radical”), wants to start a revolution. And he wants us all to join in.

March 2016

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Construction Marketing Ideas

Can “The Machine” replace traditional sales and business development practices?
November 15, 2015

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Mobile Marketing News

Sales Management Radical Cuts Out Commissions in New Field Guide
October 13, 2015

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Healthcare Business Today

Embrace the Machine!
September 27, 2015

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Industrial Distribution panel discussion on 2024 growth opportunities by Justin Roff Marsh
Can Distributors Maintain ’23 Growth Rates?

Justin was interviewed by Anna Wells, Executive Editor, Industrial Distribution, on his thoughts on what’s needed for Industrial Distribution companies to maintain sales and growth throughout 2024 and beyond. Justin’s contribution to the discussion starts at the 2:00 mark.

April 2024

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Industrial Distribution panel discussion on 2024 growth opportunities by Justin Roff Marsh
Q&A: Why Are Distributors Settling for Single-Digit Growth?

Ballistix went all-in to produce a documentary-style film to illustrate one of the biggest challenges facing industrial business leaders. Each year, they target double-digit sales growth, but wind up settling for single-digit growth. Why is that?

March 2024

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Justin Roff-Marsh Impactful Leadership Show
Designing Healthy Organizations – Justin Roff-Marsh – The Impactful Leadership Show – Episode # 046

Justin details why entrepreneurs should not hire entrepreneurs, how to fix cultural issues by fixing an organization’s design, and why salespeople should not be managing accounts and other non-sales activities.

December 2022

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Justin Roff-Marsh Marris Consulting interview
Who is responsible for Sales in an organization?

In this thought-provoking episode, Justin explains why the sales team SHOULD NOT be responsible for sales and how making them responsible for sales actually causes the opposite effect and retards organizational growth.

November 2022


Justin Roff-Marsh on Full Funnel Freedom
Re-Engineering the organization to make a tonne of money consistently

Justin argues that for rapid growth to occur in an organization salespeople should only loosely be coupled to sales. The connection is that salespeople exclusively focus on winning new annuities. Those annuities then generate revenue that operations become responsible for.

April, 2022

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Selling Well podcast with Justin RoffMarsh
Reengineering the Sales Process with Justin Roff-Marsh

Justin discusses his journey into professional sales and the different insights and perspectives he has to share with us to improve both our personal and professional lives.

April, 2022

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Industrial Distribution panel discussion on 2024 growth opportunities by Justin Roff Marsh
Everything Wrong With the B2B Sales Model, And How To Fix It

Justin Roff-Marsh and Industrial Distribution’s Managing Editor, Mike Hockett discuss the key issues plaguing the modern B2B sales model and why responsibilities must change significantly in order to achieve significant growth.

June, 2021

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sales kit logo
Creating the Machine with Justin Roff Marsh on Inside the Sales Playbook Show

In this episode of the Sales Playbook, Justin Roff-Marsh delves into the one question all sales leader need to be able to answer and how to unify the sales team and make it a far more effective organization.

June 2021

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Scaling Up Sales Summit
Gazelles Scaling Up Virtual Summit

Justin argues for a principled application of division-of-labor to sales. He counsels executives to reengineer their organizations so that salespeople are responsible solely for the pursuit of new business. In part, this entails replacing relationships with operational efficiency and eliminating both sales commissions and the concept of account management!

April, 2021

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Why sales hasn't even started yet with Justin Roff-Marsh
Why Sales Hasn’t Even Gotten Started with Justin Roff-Marsh

In this provocative episode, hear why Justin believes that SDRs should be fired or have their roles reconfigured, why first meetings shouldn’t be called discovery meetings, and why paying commissions in a complex sales environment is “too silly for words.”

April 2021


Industrial Distribution panel discussion on 2024 growth opportunities by Justin Roff Marsh
Should Salespeople Be Able to See the Revenue Associated with the Accounts They’ve Won?

My answer to the question posed in this headline is “no.” In most cases, salespeople should not be able to view the revenue associated with individual accounts they’ve won?
June, 2023

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Thomas Industry and Ballistix
If Your Sales Proposition Isn’t Relevant Every Day, It’s Not Relevant at All

Let’s assume you’re a salesperson. You have a compelling proposition for your target customers, but there’s one small problem. Your customers only make purchasing decisions periodically. This means that, most of the time, when you reach out to a prospective customer, they are not interested in having a conversation with you.

March, 2022

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Thomas Industry and Ballistix
Your Salespeople Are Focused on the Wrong Type of Transactions

There are two types of sales transactions: yours-to-lose and yours-to-win. Left to their own devices, salespeople will focus on the former and ignore the latter. It’s your job as a responsible, growth-minded executive to insist that they flip their priorities.

October, 2021

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Thomas Industry and Ballistix
If Your Salespeople Do This, You’re Losing Money

If you hear a crazy idea often enough, there’s a danger that you’ll come to passively accept it — particularly if it’s on the periphery of your primary interest area. The commonly accepted idea that “sales leads are scarce” is one such idea.

June, 2021

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Industry Update Logo
Why a larger sales team is not the key to selling more

Assuming that a business has a compelling product (or service), and the ability to execute flawlessly, then growth should be simple. All that business must do is out-communicate its competitors.

June, 2021

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Industry Update Logo
Stop paying salespeople commission

When you move your salespeople from commission to salary, they will not leave. (That’s assuming that they continue to receive the same net income, of course.)
However, you will gain the ability to manage your salespeople like other team members.

April, 2021

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Thomas Industry and Ballistix
Revenue Should Always Be the Responsibility of Operations, Never Sales

If you make revenue the responsibility of your sales department, you will handicap the growth of your organization. If you want your organization to grow, operations should be responsible for revenue and your sales department should focus exclusively on new business.

March, 2021

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Industry Update Logo
Sales is an inside activity… it has been for years!

Most executives think of sales as an outside activity. Justin Roff-Marsh claims that it isn’t and that it hasn’t been for at least 15 years.

February, 2021

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Thomas Industry and Ballistix
What Salespeople Get Wrong About Customer Relationships

Okay, so thanks to COVID-19, your field salespeople are grounded. But, I’m here to argue that you should have grounded your field force 10 to 15 years ago!

October 2020

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Why Should Selling be Optional?

The case against commissions, targets, and other artificial management stimulants.

February 24, 2016

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